Tips for Better Family Travel

Image result for Tips for Better Family TravelTraveling with family is a different experience than solo or couple travel. It also gives us a valuable lesson. In this article, you can learn the most relevant travel tips so that you can avoid mistakes and make your travel easier.

Involve Everyone From the Beginning

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Before going on a trip, involve your kids from the very start. Ask them where they want to go, let them choose a place, games or activities. It will keep them excited about the trips and they can enjoy fully

Prepare them

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You should prepare your kids for traveling that what to expect and whatnot. Tell them the whole trip plan, where you will go, what you are expected to do. Let them know the trip place distance from your house. Sometimes you have to wait for a while. What would happen in the place, security issue, danger and many more? It will help them prepare their mint to stay calm.

Allow them to look forward to

Allow them some small things, like going to the beach, having ice cream, swimming in the pool, searching for something like local animals or plants will help them to stay focused.

Chose a kid-friendly place to stay

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Traveling with your family, make sure that you chose a place where everyone can relax. If you want to spend more time there, chose a place with a nice pool or other things that your kids will enjoy.

Select accommodation with separate sleeping area

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Chose one or two-bedroom suits instead of rooms with two beds. You may pay a little more for this, but a good night's sleep is an important thing for a successful family trip. Make sure their room is comfortable enough. If you go someplace hot, check your room's air conditioning system or fans and windows that you can open. If the place is colder, check their heating system.

Slow down

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Do not try to do many activities or sightseeing in one day. Morning time is fresh and recharge time. So do your big activity or adventure in the morning. Spend some quiet time in the hotel before you go for adventure again. Plan your each day activities properly. Give some time to your kids for adjustment.

Carry small gifts

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We should give our kids some inexpensive items during our trip. Like toy car, puzzle or coloring book. Because whenever we are on the road or in a plane, kids will get restless. So this $10 dollar cheap toy will keep them entertained.

Bring snacks

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Make sure that your kids are not hungry for long on a trip. It will make them unhappy and they will get sad. So always bring snacks for your kids everywhere.

Pack your bags lightly

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Always carry less stuff on a trip. Do not overpack. Give your kids their extra small bags too. Make sure they can carry it smoothly. You can get many items in the hotel room, so no need to bring it from the house. And you can always buy whatever you need at your destination.

Ways to Sleep Outside Without a Tent

Image result for Ways to Sleep Outside Without a TentSleeping in a tent is always fun. But sleeping without a tent is more adventurous and exciting. A tent has some disadvantages too. It’s a heavy gear which you have to carry all the time whenever you go camping. So there is some tent alternative to sleeping in a field, desert or woods. It also keeps you safe and cozy while you sleep.

Tent alternatives

Tarp for rainImage result for Tarp for rain

If you are camping in the woods but expecting rain, a tarp is a good option, you can tie at least one corner of a tree and create a quick and easy shelter. You have to bring rope or tent pegs to secure the tarp. It will also protect you from the sun.

Bivy sackImage result for Bivy sack

Bivy sack is really a lifesaver. It will keep you dry and warm even under snow. It is also waterproof, breathable material and large enough for one person to sleep.

Sleeping padsRelated image

You can use a sleeping pad both tent or on the ground. They are a great comfort and give you extra heat in cool weather. They are small size and low weight. There are two types of sleeping pads, foam and inflatable. Inflatable types are more comfortable than foam pads.

HammockImage result for Hammock

If the weather is clear, and the night is full of stars, a hammock is the best and cozy option. You just need to find a spot where there are trees so that you can attach your hammock. You can line your hammock with a sleeping bag or sleeping pad to get a comfortable sleep. Make sure that you can string up your hammock at a 30-degree angle. Some hammocks have mosquito netting. You can choose this for camping.

Own shelterImage result for shelter

You can make your own shelter across branches and leaves. There are many ways to the lean-to. You can add your lean-to in a waterproof layer if you have a tarp. You can put another tarp in the ground so that it can keep you warm, dry and protected from bugs. You just need rope or twine to make the place secure.

Camp in vehicle

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Camp in an RV, a camper, or your car is a more luxurious tent free experience. You just need to make sure that the vehicle camping is allowed at your campsite. You can use a sleeping pad or sleeping bag in your pick up truck. Also, you can use a tarp for extra protection and wind.

Select a great spot to sleepImage result for Select a great spot to sleep camping

  • Select an area away from roads and railway tracks. Because vehicles may disturb your sleep at night.

  • Select an area of at least 200 feet away from the water source. Because insects, any large animal may come down to drink.

  • Obey rules and regulations for the trail or wilderness area.

  • Try to get set up during daylight hours.

  • Avoid areas in low spots that can flood.

  • When you want to set a hammock to make sure that there are good trees available.

  • Find a spot in brush or a hill for a windbreak.

  • Check for poisonous plants around your selected area.

  • Select a level spot to sleep.

Must-Have Gears for Outdoors

Image result for Must-Have Gear for OutdoorsIt is the 20th century. The way we do a thing has changed a lot over the past decade. Travel and outdoor is not an exception. The gadget and gear we need have also become upgraded along with the advancement of modern life.

Every individual has a different idea of what constitutes necessary for him or her. Necessary gear could vary depending on the type of activities, time and place. It is important to choose gears that is off high quality and reliable and best suite your personal need. Here some essential gears you need to have for most outdoor activities.


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If you are planning to spend night outdoor then you should be planning for safe shelter and sleeping arrangement first. There are various types of the tent with different sizes and styles. You should choose a tent that is suitable for a number of people. Also by particular attention to the quality of the fabric. Ideally, it should be waterproof or you should buy a rainfly to protect you from rain and keep you dry and warm.

Sleeping bag

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Sound sleep can keep you out of dizziness and mentally strong throughout the day. It is important to make your sleeping arrangement. It is better to have a sleeping bag that is designed to work as a pillow, blanket, and bedsheet. The sleeping bag actually eliminates the need for carrying a separate bed, pillow, and blanket.

Food storage

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You need to carry enough food to keep you energized throughout the day. For food storage choose containers that are compact with a lot of space and chambers, which allow you to store different items separately to keep the food fresh and prevent cross-contamination. A portable folding picnic box could be the perfect solution to store your food.

Water container

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Water keeps you fuelled and hydrated. It is essential to reserve and hold water safely. There are various types of water containers out in the market, but the best one for outdoor activities is the expandable bladder. This container is flexible and can be expanded with filling more water, and also shrined as you drink and therefore reduce the weight and space to carry. It is also advisable to have a set of eating utensils such as a lightweight plate, cup, and cutleries.

First aid materials

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An accident can happen at any time anywhere. It is best to be prepared for every situation. An essential item to include on a first aid box is scissor, bandage, and disinfectant to treat scrapes and cuts, paracetamol, pain relief, and antibiotic salve to treat a sprain. Bug repellent to keep flying pests away and sting relief to ease pain encase of stung by bees. Skin protective cream could also be an essential boost in the first aid box.

Map and compass

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You must carry a navigation kit with your bag otherwise you may lose in the wild. Your tools should include a map of the area you will be camping in. You can store it in a waterproof bag. You also need a compass and a GPS receiver. It is very important for an area that you are not familiar with.


Image result for Lights camping
In the wilderness, you cannot get enough sources of light. So bring extra lights with your bag. It can be a headlight or flashlight with extra batteries. Try to use LED types of light because it helps to extend the life of a battery.

Tools and kit

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You must include a multi-tool bag with your outdoor gear list. It can save your life in a survival moments. You can take multi-tools like scissors, knives, a screwdriver, pliers and so on. Also, you can include duct tape, a few cable ties, small trowel or shovel. You will never know when danger comes so it is very important to carry multi toolbox.


Image result for Clothes camping
The weather can turn wet, windy or chilly in the area where you are planning to go. So it is necessary to carry extra clothes based on every situation. When packing, first think what you need to survive long, the common options are a layer of underwear, hat or balaclava, extra socks, gloves, jacket, etc. if you go in winter always bring insulation for upper body and legs.


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